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Katherine Gregor

Katherine Gregor

With a special place in her heart for first-time homebuyers, Katherine has facilitated a fun, informative, and empowering home buying experience for dozens of clients. Her knowledge of the unique neighborhoods and communities of Chicago helps you find the right location to call home — and, if you’re selling your house, Katherine’s marketing prowess will ensure your property is presented flawlessly, driving high-level buyers to your listing in record time.

Katherine earned her business marketing degree from San Diego State University and after her move she pursued her passion for real estate by joining the Mandile + Lorimer Property Group in Chicago. Infusing her hard-earned marketing skills and branding knowledge, Katherine brought to life innovative strategies showcasing properties through captivating social media posts, thoughtful campaigns, and compelling, well-designed videos. Katherine’s mastery of maximizing exposure through today’s vast social media platforms drives results and makes her an invaluable asset to any real estate team.

Beyond the office, Katherine loves opening her home and hosting parties for her friends and family as often as possible. She can also often be found enjoying the sunshine as she bikes on the many trails in Chicago.